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Secluded or organized? Do you fancy emerald or deep blue waters? Bursting with party goers, family-friendly or deserted? All these types of beaches exist in Cyprus, worldwide glory being their common point. Beach expert Andreas Papadopoulos narrows them down, picking his top 6 for Welcome magazine.

Text/  Photography: Andreas Papadopoulos

With a Master's in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from Wharton Business School, accompanied by a long-standing career in the USA and in Europe, Andreas Papadopoulos is passionately devoted to photography. His love for the sea led to the creation of site where he openly shares the beauty of the unoccupied area of Famagusta. His first photo album was published in 2007. He carried out his first photography exhibition under the auspices of the Cyprus Tourism Organization. In 2012, he launched the “Discovering Cyprus” beach guides. Currently, videos and photographs embellish the Hermes Airports revealing the hidden treasures of the island and offering the opportunity for everyone to discover.


The descent to the beach –whether by foot or by car– is particularly stunning, with the pine-cladded mountain scenery offering a striking contrast to the sandy  beach, blue waters and yachts in the bay below. The sand at Konnos Bay is rather different to that of nearby beaches, slightly darker as opposed to a golden colour, with a volcanic touch, yet very smooth and fine. The beach is fairly wide with two sandy coves within the larger bay and is ideal for children and adults alike. The Blue Flag beach offers umbrellas and sunbeds for rent. You can also find there a very well managed water sports centre with lots of beach activities to choose from. A scenic kiosk/snack bar that blends in nicely with the scenery, offers a good range of drinks and light food under the shade of pine trees. 


At the left tip of Konnos Bay, “walk on the sea” on the wide ledge, just above sea level.


Pantahou beach starts from the west side of Agia Napa Harbour with a scenic rocky shore that quickly turns into the longest stretch of fine golden sand in the area. This spectacular Blue Flag beach with its shallow, crystal clear blue waters is a magnificent sight, particularly in the morning. In contrast to the calm sight that greets you in the morning, but equally spectacular, are the waves which often form in the afternoon. Not only are they delightful to watch, they are also fun to ride, provided that the winds are not too strong! Visitors may choose the more crowded west section of the beach or the sunbed-free section in the middle of the bay. The small hill overlooking the beach offers a splendid view which you can enjoy while having your meal at a restaurant or nearby hotel. 


Walk along the paved coastline path into Kavo Gkreko.


Manolis Cove is a hidden gem for lovers of natural wildlife. The sea caves, the turquoise waters and white sand, combined with the Akamas forest, offer an unforgettable experience of sheer pleasure. The cove is surrounded by jagged rocks and the use of rubber shoes is essential. Access to the sea is quite difficult and can be made from the lowest point of the rocks, near the central part of the cove. If the whole procedure sounds tiresome, once you hit the water, you will realise that it was well worth it.


Snorkelling in the sea caves is a must.


The enchanting beach unfolds at your feet like an oasis in the desert as you are greeted by thick golden sand, impressive caves and untamed turquoise waters. Enter the sea up to knee-high to get a sense of the strength of the water and enjoy the sight of skilled surfers riding the waves. Sunbeds, umbrellas and a snack bar complete the perfect setting to spend your day here.


Come experience an enigmatic sunset you will always remember.


Words can't do justice to the beauty of the Kavo Gkreko Peninsula and National Park. The landmark Kavo Gkreko Rock, with an altitude of 80 metres, offers breath-taking views while at the tip of the peninsula are two fabulous coves separated by a narrow strip of land. The Bay toward Protaras is famous for “Blue Lagoon” with gloriously sparkling, crystal clear waters and underwater visibility reaching up to forty metres. Signs guide visitors to cycling routes and walking paths, without detracting from the beautiful natural surroundings. 
The fauna includes eighty different species of birds.


Hidden under the cliff is an array of impressive caves - known locally as “The Palaces”.


What the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, Nissi Beach is to Ayia Napa. Two adjacent Blue Flag certified beaches offer more than 600 metres of unparalleled coastline, characterised by the most amazing crystal-clear turquoise waters and fine golden sand. If you are young, single, or simply a party-goer, Nissi Beach is undoubtedly the place for you. Action-packed with water sports, music, a variety of fun events and beach parties, it is definitely the place to see and be seen. The beach offers all the facilities one would expect, including ice-cold juices
delivered to your sunbed!


Climb up the picturesque island (‘nissi’ in Greek), located about 50 metres in front of the beach.

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