Poems made out of... Concrete, Michail Georgiou

The architect who changed the rules of classic architecture and earned a spot in the world’s most distinguished design publications...

Text: Romina Xyda
Photography: Panagiotis Mina


The Apostle Peter and Saint Helen the Martyr chapel is proof that architecture can be strict and free at the same time, spiritual yet intellectually vibrant, rich in its simplicity and loaded with emotion. The Cypriot architect Michail Georgiou is the creative mind behind this small chapel in Pafos, and also the founding member of HUB Design Platform and SEAMLEXITY, as well as assistant professor of digital design and construction in the Department of Architecture at the University of Nicosia. Working closely with his team, Michail managed to overcome the consolidated architecture of orthodox churches and “build” a space of subversion, imagination and new perspectives. 

From the get go, Mr Georgiou’s provocative design was enthusiastically received by the public and the site attracted many visitors from Cyprus and abroad. There was a plethora of references in international press, acknowledging the power of his inventive design that came as a result of blending constant learning with personal experiences. As he points out, “For architects and people in general, travelling equals life-long learning. Our cities and man-built environments are living organisms that constantly evolve and change, reflecting each specific society and its culture”. Having recently completed with his team a small but very important project, the monument for the fallen of July 11th 2011 in Mari, and starting four other projects, including the construction of a winery on a mountain in Cyprus, it’s more than evident that we are far from ceasing to marvel at Michail Georgiou’s architectural wonders...

My Cyprus through the most important buildings

The Lempas Prehistoric Settlement (3500-2400 B.C.), the Koureion Ancient Theatre (200 A.D.) and the Environmental Information Center in Cavo Greco (2015).

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