The Best Hiking Trails in Cyprus

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They say the best way to get to know a place is to walk all the way through it. The mild climate and wonderful Mediterranean countryside of Cyprus make hiking delightful for hikers eager to become acquainted with its nature, history and culture. Hiking allows you to discover a treasure trove of flora and fauna, remnants of the island's mines and many other interesting monuments. In total, there are 52 marked nature trails. We have selected the most famous ones and all you need are sports shoes, plenty of water and your camera…

Aphrodite & Adonis Path

This circular path is located in beautiful Pafos and its starting and finishing point is the Baths of Aphrodite. On this unique route you will discover the ruins of Rigena’s tower –the most mythical queen of Cyprus– while its natural steps lead you to the top of the mountain and from there on a course with a breathtaking view. Let your eyes wander around the endless blue surrounding the Akamas peninsula and get lost in the luscious green of the Forest of Pafos.

Take a rest under centuries-old trees and breathe deeply surrounded by dozens of healing plants.

LENGTH: 7,5 klm / TIME: 3-4 hours / DEGREE OF DIDICULTY: 3


Artemis Trail

At the top of Troodos Mountain, one of the most important natural areas of Cyprus, one will find the Artemis circular path, which is covered by dense forest and hosts more than 750 species of plants. There you will see the Teishia of the Old Country – ruins of rough fortifications built during the final year of the Venetian occupation of Cyprus (1571 AD) by a group of Venetian generals who decided to put up a defense against the Ottomans at that point. By utilizing the informative signs along the path, you will be able to explore the Pinus Nigra forest with its two ancient –over 500 years old– pine trees, the rare species of flora and rock formations of the area. Do not omit to enjoy the impeccable view towards areas and villages of the provinces of Limassol, Pafos and Nicosia.

LENGTH: 7 klm / TIME: 2,5-3 hours / DEGREE OF DIDICULTY: 1

Aspro Akrotiri

A splendid landscape of wild beauty unfolds on the west coast of Limassol, starting from Pissouri Bay and ending at the Aspro Akrotiri, which owes its name (White Cape) to the white, limestone cliffs rising along the coast. Just above the cliffs, a five-path complex awaits you for an enjoyable hike with a spectacular vista and the most beautiful sunset that you have ever seen...


Kalidonia Path and Calidonian Waterfall

Within the Troodos National Forest Park, this wonderful path passes through a dense forest and follows a course along the Krios Potamos (river) with its constant flowing water, then follows the Calidonian Waterfall and ends up at Psilodentro in Pano Platres. The whole route is very scenic, offering the chance to view the trout fish farms, a fenced area with horses and small wooden bridges. Access to the imposing waterfall is possible if you follow a short dirt road. Walk around it and find yourself in a wild virgin landscape with plane trees, pine trees, rosary and arbutus. The scent of sage and lavender, combined with the melodic tweeting of birds and the water burble will enchant you!

LENGTH: 3 klm / TIME: 1,5 hours / DEGREE OF DIDICULTY: 3


Cedar Valley

The enchanting mountainous location of Cedar Valley is found on the root from Monastery of Kykkos towards Stavros of Psokas. Nestled inside the Forest of Pafos, it is more than a life experience for all nature lovers. Famed for its tranquility and seclusion, the valley will reward you with pure oxygen exuded by its countless cedars, the divine cyclamen and thyme scents, the bird melodies and the breathtaking view from Tripylos peak. The remnants of three old Venetian bridges located in the area are historic points of interest for the hikers who enjoy a day’s walk in the area...

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