Kostas Neofitidis, The Designer Of Happiness

He studied architecture, owner of the biggest clubs in Cyprus, suddenly changed course thinking “I want to live free”. Today, he designs the world of “Kota” and declares “finally free!”.

“We plan our life, and mainly we determine its course. When it deviates, you make big decisions, move on and evolve”. Meeting such people is great. Sensing you can change everything and lead life where you want. The Cypriot businessman Kostas Neofitidis abandoned “night life” a few years ago, switching to spiritual and mental upgrowth: “In 2005 I started travelling. Years later I finally discovered Thailand, my own ‘paradise’. I turned to Ashtanga Yoga, with a notebook and architect’s pennies always in hand, soon after my first black-and-white sketches, the “Awakening” collection was a reality”. In 2006, at the same place, in a wooden cottage by the sea using oil lamps for illumination and the sound of waves as musical background, I had my first exhibition (‘Art on the beach’). At the same beach I organized my studio and painted for endless hours, cleansing my inner self and experiencing unique moments of freedom”.

 It was during his early sketches that “Kota” was born: “Thai people, unable to pronounce my name (Kosta), called me ‘Kota’, which I liked because it allowed me to drop the past and see the present optimistically through my hero’s view”. Shortly afterward, the new Kostas Neofitidis returns to Cyprus, and since then he literally lives in nature, in a stone-built village, and draws: “I feel privileged and lucky to live here. ‘Kota’ collections have a unique story, in limited edition and are applied on different materials such as handmade carpets, silk fabrics made by the batik method, porcelain plates and fine art prints, as well as on original paper artwork with ink and watercolors. Am I happy? I would say yes, since happiness is a way of life that you create yourself...”.

My favorite place in Cyprus...

“It's Akamas. Its virgin beaches with crystal clear waters and the energy of the forest equal magic...”.

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