Aliki Chrysochou

The Power of Music

The Cypriot soprano that enchants the world with her angelic voice, surrounded by music since birth, always believed that melodies could perform miracles.

At the age of three, Aliki started singing and taking piano lessons. She grew up surrounded by music; her mother loved Pavarotti and Bocelli, and her father was obsessed with Theodorakis and Hadjidakis. Musical notes transformed into words, melodies into sentences, setting the stage for a fascinating life onwards; “Music was always a big part of my life. At the age of 11, I was introduced to classical music, and through it discovered a peaceful world, both serene and musically rich”. Armed with an education in classical music, Aliki studied both singing and piano in Great Britain, then continued with her studies in New York. Soon after, she made the important decision of returning to her island. “Together with Alexis, my better half, we decided that we wanted to raise our children in Cyprus where they would have their grandmother and grandfather close by”. Although Aliki has sung in many places around the world, has won awards in important competitions, and has participated in one of the biggest shows globally, “Britain’s Got Talent”, the moment she personally considers the most profound in her career is “when I was in concert just before giving birth to my first son, Christian. It was a unique feeling, different from any other time I was on stage. I was singing so effortlessly, feeling butterflies in my body”. Does music really perform miracles? She is more than sure of it: “Music has unique attributes. It’s a way of communication, sometimes even stronger and more effective than simply talking. However different one person can be from another; from different worlds, of different races, with different religious and personal beliefs, music possesses the magic and the power to unite them”.

The song I dedicate to Cyprus…

“‘Triantafyllia’, by Marios Tokas, because there is no other musical composer that has the Greek-Cypriot Limassolian culture so deeply rooted in his music, and because the lyrics were written by our emblematic national poet Vassos Venizelos”.

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