Stelios Μousarris - The Furniture Designer


In a world full of conformity,  the cypriot designer Stelios Mousarris goes against the grain...

Stelios has always been in love with painting– the shapes, the colours, the freedom to imagine and create art. Following his studies in Μodel Μaking, he dedicated himself to the field of design where he excelled due to his originality and imagination. “I’m usually inspired by the unexpected, such as a movie or a walk in nature. As far as I’m concerned, inspiration is all around us. All you have to do is pick the right moment, observe your surroundings and use the correct thinking process in order to create something unique.”

Recognition did not come easy. His was a path of perseverance and great effort. “Success came knocking in 2015 with my coffee table design ‘Wave City Table’. Due to the interest shown by art websites such as DesignBoom, one of the world’s best, my name spread abroad. The multitude of reposts that followed suddenly led to orders coming from everywhere.”

Stelios has worked for a number of years abroad, specifically in London. What led him back to Cyprus? In his words, “I returned to my home country as soon as I realized that I had to build  my own dreams. Therefore, I founded Mousarris. Cyprus is the country I love.” Stelios refuses to follow trends. “Being a designer means coming up with your own unique ideas. You can’t allow trends to confine your inspiration and creativity.” 

According to Stelios, the moments that define his ongoing career are, “every time a project of mine reaches  its final destination, and the customer is satisfied and happy.” As to what he tells himself about his own accomplishments– “Despite your successes, and your mistakes, you must continue, learn and move on...” 

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