A life of Beekeeping

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For 40-plus years, he’s produced over a hundred tonnes of honey. Perhaps not the most, but certainly the best!

Dominique Micheletto was born and raised in a village in the mountains of eastern France. From an early age, he immersed himself in the craft of beekeeping and harvesting honey. “My teacher at school kept some hives by his chalet in the forest. I was four years old, perhaps even younger, and my mum would find me lying there every day among the bees observing their magical world. In France, I studied Forestry, and in 1976, love brought me to Cyprus, where I settled permanently four years later.I brought my hives with me, bought a colony from a beekeeper, moved the bees in and started producing honey in Kornos. The climate was ideal, with so many incredible and varied flowers. Within three years, I had over a hundred hives.”

It wasn’t long before Dominique’s honey was making a name for itself, both for its quality and range of aromas: citrus, eucalyptus, thyme, flowers, and forest trees are but a sampling of the varieties. A single sample can contain pollen from 30 to 40 different types of flowers. “The secrets inside excellent honey are three: never feed the bees with sugar, always harvest the honey over virgin honeycomb, and do not smoke the hive while doing it to calm the angry bees. Beeswax is greasy, and it retains the smell of the smoke. You can destroy the best honey in the world in a matter of seconds.” 

By sticking to the Three Commandments throughout the years, not only does the beekeeper from France have the whole of Cyprus talking about his honey, but he also earned recognition at the Apimondia Congress of 2009 (the Olympics of beekeeping), in Montpelier, where he won two gold medals. That is to say, Dominique earned the distinction of the same colour and quality as his honey.

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