Zenon’s city was famous from antiquity for its high-quality handicrafts. Today, they can be admired at the Multispace Centre of Creativity and Culture.

Text: Ioanna Christodoulou 

Photos: Silvio Rusmigo

With its history and wealth of monuments and landmarks, the city of Larnaka is ideal for walking tours. At the core of bustling Zenonos Kitieos Street, housed recently in one of the city’s most important buildings a few metres above the Finikoudes waterfront, is the Multispace Centre of Creativity and Culture. The structure, estimated to have been built in the second half of the 18th century, was home to a prominent clan of landowners – the Mattei Family. With the arrival of the English in 1878, it was converted into a Public Officers and Military Club. Since last September, having undergone restoration, the building has been transformed into a cultural focal point for the city.

Mr Iosif Hadjikyriakos is the director for the Phivos Stavrides Foundation - Larnaka Archives and the Multispace Centre of Creativity and Culture. In relating its importance he states, “It is a masterpiece of Larnaka dominating the city centre that hosts the most important traditions of Cyprus. Visitors will see first-hand how masterworks of Cypriot tradition are created and may acquire the works themselves if so inclined.” It is indeed a unique experience to watch the process of craftspeople making traditional works of folk art. Many of them, such as Lefkara laces or Lefkaritika, Athienou laces and Livadia basket weaving, are among items on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO – arts intertwined with the cultural heritage of Larnaka.

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