Text: Elli Karnezi. 

Photos: Panagiotis Romos Kotsonis. 

Generations of people have grown up with their sweets, whether at birthday parties and celebrations, visits with family and friends, anniversaries and other occasions, and always with eagerness. Here are 6 legendary confectioneries that we wish to remain open forever!

01/ Hurricane

Strolling through the alleyways of Old-Town Nicosia, you will eventually come to Hurricane. Opened in 1942, this historic pâtisserie is famous for its delicious cheese pie. The recipe is kept secret to this day. Their fragrant croissants, one of a kind almond cookies, traditional Pastitsia (almond meringues) and Varkoules (stuffed cookies) will delight your palate!

7, NIKOKLEOUS, TEL. +357 22663284

02/ Petit Paris Patisserie

One of the oldest and most legendary pâtisseries of Limassol, Petit Paris has been creating the sweetest memories for the city’s inhabitants for 58 years! In a renovated space reminiscent of a French bistro, coffee is paired with Chocolatina (bitter chocolate mousse), traditional truffles, dreamy Pavlova, Black Forest cake, Portokalopita (orange pie), Cypriot Charlotte, Ergolavos (meringue-based confectionery), and fragrant biscuits, or anything else your heart desires!

61D, GLADSTONOS, TEL. +357 25363441


Strolling through Faneromeni Square in Old-Town Nicosia, sweet nostalgic aromas will eventually lure you to Tria Fanaria, a historic pâtisserie in operation since 1952! On weekends, tables are arranged outside in the bustling square. Treat yourself to refreshments and savoury or  pastries from the past such as Baklava, Copenhagen sweet, Samali (semolina cake) and Galaktoboureko (semolina custard pie), and other delicacies.

4B, MARIAS SYGKLITIKIS, TEL. +357 22664706


With over 25 years of experience in Larnaka, O Kirios Glikos is famous for its traditional Lebanese sweets made with pure ingredients. In addition to classic Baklava, you’ll find many other delicious treats such as Samali and Baspousa (Egyptian semolina cake). Try the sesame cookies – pure joy!

2, LEONTIOU MACHAIRA, TEL. +357 96327678


Opened in 1948 in the heart of Old-Town Nicosia, Melissa is one of the oldest cafés-pâtisseries in the area. The flavours and nostalgia will transport you back to another era. The establishment has evolved into a boulangerie selling traditional sweets, Loukoumia and fresh cheese pies. Their specialities are Meringue Charlotte, butter cookies, Melomakarona (honey cookies) and Cypriot Flaounes (cheese pastries).

82, AISCHYLOU, TEL. +357 22762070


Από τα πιο παλιά και παραδοσιακά ζαχαροπλαστεία της Λεµεσού, µε πάνω από 45 χρόνια δηµιουργίας στο ενεργητικό του. Η διακόσµησή του, µε το παλιό µαύρο ποδήλατο ως σήµα κατατεθέν του, µαρτυρά τα χρόνια λειτουργίας του. Κρατώντας αυθεντικά τα αρώµατα και τα υλικά του, διακρίνεται για το απολαυστικό ροδίτικο λουκούµι που το φτιάχνει είτε µε φιστίκι Αιγίνης είτε µε αµύγδαλο, αλλά και σκέτο, καθώς και για τις φανταστικές φλαούνες, τα σιροπιαστά, τις µαρέγκες (µπεζέδες) και τις φοβερές τούρτες του!

With over 45 years of experience, Deluxe is one of the oldest confectioneries in Limassol. Its decor and trademark black bicycle are iconic. Sticking to authentic ingredients, Deluxe is famous for its Rhodian Loukoumia. Varieties contain Aeginian pistachios, almonds or are served plain. Their Flaounes, syrupy sweets, meringues and cakes are to die for!

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