From Tamassos, Into Space


The Eastern Mediterranean’s most expansive and state-of-the-art planetarium welcomes visitors. Adjacent to the Holy Bishopric of Tamassos and Orini in Nicosia, it offers a journey into the cosmos.

Text: Romina Xyda

Experience the thrill of stars streaking past, spaceships soaring alongside, comets skimming overhead, and icy cratered planets with erupting volcanoes inviting you on an exhilarating journey of a lifetime. At Cyprus’ first planetarium, a project that seamlessly blends science with education and entertainment with wonder, the enchantment of space has the first and final say, offering countless reasons to visit. 

As you approach the planetarium’s entrance, a figure of an astronaut stands beside a towering spaceship, extending a warm welcome. The astronaut is Alexey Leonov, the first cosmonaut to attempt a spacewalk in 1965. His ship is a replica of the Voskhod spacecraft.

Inside the main building, which includes a cutting-edge, 18.25-metre diameter dome, you will immerse in breathtaking visuals of the southern hemisphere’s starry sky, meteors, eclipses, and an array of phenomena observable only from specific regions of the Earth. This dome also serves as a venue showcasing awe-inspiring films centred around scientific topics. What sets The Cyprus Planetarium apart from most others is the presence of a knowledgeable instructor, often an astrophysicist, who accompanies the film screenings, providing insightful explanations to the audience. Inside the VR 360 Hall, you will embark on an exhilarating journey through space. Meanwhile, in the VR Game Hall, the enjoyment transcends reality itself.

In the next building, you’ll find the observatory equipped with a state-of-the-art robotic dome and telescope. Remotely controlled from anywhere in the world, the telescope links to an expansive screen that enables visitors to observe celestial phenomena from the open air amphitheatre. Moreover, it boasts a modern helioscope equipped with hydrogen filters for live monitoring of the sun and its captivating solar flares – extraordinary spectacles!

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