Charis Charalambous: Threads of Passion


Alexander McQueen once said, “Fashion should be a form of escape.” Charis followed these words literally and figuratively, charting her course to success.

Text: Romina Xyda

Photos: Panagiotis Mina 

The fashion world had captivated her since childhood, and as she grew up, she delved deeper into its history, trends, renowned designers, and haute couture techniques. However, she couldn’t have foreseen that this initial fascination would transform into a profound and enduring love. “Initially, I viewed fashion as a passion and pursued university studies in biomedical and clinical embryology. As the years passed, rather than fading away, my passion for fashion intensified. After completing my studies, I applied to Parsons and relocated to New York, embarking on my thrilling fashion journey. It was a challenging decision, a fresh start from ground zero. Yet, I knew that to find professional fulfillment, I had to trust my instincts and follow my heart. Otherwise, I’d spend a lifetime haunted by a lingering ‘what if.’” After her fashion design studies, she collaborated with renowned fashion houses abroad. Eventually, she made the significant choice to return to Cyprus and establish her own brand, CHARIS. “I am thankful for the experiences in New York and London, including working for industry leaders Erdem and Mary Katrantzou. My decision to return to Cyprus was for the love of my homeland. I wanted to build a life, have a family and surround myself with friends and family in the place I call home. Observing the absence of a brand in the Cyprus market that matched my aesthetics and passion for prints, I took the initiative to create it. How did women respond to me as a designer? They welcomed me with open arms and unwavering support right from the start, something I cherish. Designing allows me to dream, escape daily stresses and feel beautiful and carefree. I want women who wear my creations to experience the same emotions.”

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