Ayia Napa Marina, More than a fantasy

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The Ayia Napa Marian, a 300 million investment, is shooting at speed light through the universe of investments, making Ayia Napa the new shining star of the Cypriot sky.

Text: Manolis Kalatzis

A city inside and along the sea. This is your first impression when you look at the Ayia Napa Marina, either up close or from afar. A project born from the love of two men for the island of Aphrodite, Cypriot businessman Gerasimos Karamontanis and the Egyptian investor Naguib Sawiris, it will be completed by 2021, and is expected to turn the once upon a time picturesque fishermen’s village, into one of the most famous touristic destinations.

The dream of these two men became a vision and morphed into (a soon to be) reality, with approximately 300 million euros invested to help usher Cyprus in the universe of top-notch luxury services.

The Ayia Napa Marina connects two of the most ravishing beaches of the Famagusta region, Ayia Thekla and Makronisos, streamlining luxury –litteraly and figuratively. Its 190 apartments, 29 villas and two 26 story modern towers that reach up to 115 meters, have become coveted objects of desire for thousands of island lovers. The fact that this earthly paradise is shaped with great care and respect for the environment of this unique region of the eastern Mediteranean is also greatly appreciated.

This priceless blue canvas, on which only the priciest pigments are used to “paint” the Ayia Napa Marina, is already hailed as a masterpiece destined to be appreciated by the most demanding patrons. Stavros Karamontanis, the CEO of the “M.M. Makronisos Marina Ltd”, who also happens to be its principal Cypriot investor, supervises closely the works in progress and is adamant that “this Marina will be a project that will make everyone proud and help the local economy of the Famagusta district to grow”.

The Ayia Napa Marina with a capacity of 600 berths will offer secure boat shelter and repair services, in the water as well as on dry land, has set a very high standard in the sector of nautical tourism. At the same time the Marina remains accessible to all visitors with a modern mall that will house restaurants and services such as a customs office, police station, immigration office, veterinary and health services.

This unique and thriving “city” will keep growing after the completion of the main project on July 2019, aiming at being fully finished by 2021. Upon completion of the second tower, built with a 1,6 grade difference from the other one so as to allow all apartments to share an unsurpassed sea view, all residents will enjoy their right to dream...


The CEO of “M.M. Makronisos Marina Ltd”, Stavros Karamontanis, is supervising this work in progress. Construction of the artificial breakwater is also advancing rapidly. Soon all interested parties will be able to visit the sales offices of the Marina and visit its facilities through a virtual reality system.


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