Ayia Napa Superstar!

Cyprus unlocked
Lights, glitter and wild parties have made Ayia Napa famous all over the world. We introduce you to a side of her that doesn’t exact your attention...

Text: Manolis Kalatzis

No matter what your native language is, the sea, the sun, the relaxed days and wild nights, luxury, simplicity and flirting with the Mediterranean sea, all of the above can be universally translated using only two words: Ayia Napa. If life is the sum of our experiences, then Ayia Napa is the best aspect of life. She unrolls a plush red carpet for us, to walk over the shells, right next to fishing boats, and the golden grains of sand to remind us that dreams may also leave us sleepless, when they’re real and enjoyable to the core. Ayia Napa has no rules, nor strict protocols. She wears a tuxedo and an evening gown and she’s walking barefoot over pebbles smoothed by the sun and the sea. She’s walking nonchalantly, when the day stops counting the hours and minutes. Time is of no importance. Music, colorful drinks, illuminated streets and a free-spirited mood, are all part and parcel of the same explosive mix that excites all your senses.


This city is full of modern art, from the traditional harbor to the bustling square. The fisherman's monument, the monument of the mermaid, the statue of the farmer, and the immense love for the city, carved into marble, are few of its modern “miracles”. Ayia Napa doesn’t demand or even ask for the visitor's attention. It’s like love at first sight that only gets stronger every time you visit! In the narrow alleys, nostalgia for the past meets a cosmopolitan present, with the smells of jasmine and basil wafting from the balconies to guide you to the modern hotel resorts in a city whose reputation falls behind the reality. A reality that cannot easily be described, if you haven’t lived it, if you haven’t touched it and if you don’t search for its secrets.


Each year, more and more couples in love, choose to live the magic moment that brings their lives together, under the bright moonlight that flickers on the sea of Ayia Napa. They "lock" their love on the lovers’ bridge and get lost in τhe warm embrace of the Mediterranean summer, wearing two wedding rings as a token of a love made two lives collide into one. Ayia Napa knows the old Greek proverb that says that appetite grows stronger as we eat. Local delicacies, ethnic culinary touches and international cuisine challenge even the most demanding palates. Cafes, taverns, restaurants and street food are up for grabs all hours of the day. Haloumi, seafood, fresh fish with some zivania, good wine and sweet commandaria are there to make it harder for you to choose, unless you have decided to go for all of them!


Ayia Napa sinks into history that reaches up to ten thousand years ago, when –as the findings show– its first temporary inhabitants settled there. Its present name was acquired in 1366 by the icon of Virgin Mary of Napa, which is located in the Monastery of the same name in the central square of the city and which, for the sake of brevity, became Ayia Napa. Neolithic finds, ancient Greek monuments, elements of Roman and Medieval art are the individual pieces of a modern mosaic, that depicts a natural masterpiece.

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