Euphoria Art Land, A Wonderland built for a Good Cause

Cyprus unlocked
It was the passion for art, respect for nature, his need to express himself through art as well as his love for his fellow humans that mainly drove interior designer Anthos Myrianthous to create Euphoria Art Land, a fairytale that came to life.

Some journeys make you dream for a while, and others allow you to discover a purpose in life that you never imagined for yourself. They become a source of inspiration, and show you the way to overcome any obstacle and difficulty to make your dreams come true. This is the case of interior designer Anthos Myrianthous: “My passion for art and nature, my inner need for artistic expression, and above all the love for my fellow man, gave me the idea and strength to work tirelessly to create Euphoria Art Land, with the ultimate goal of dedicating its profits to building schools in India and Africa. I travelled in many countries, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America and these journeys of self-awareness and catharsis, allowed me to widen my horizons and really grasp the meaning of life and human existence. I met children with no clothes or bare necessities, but with the widest smile on their faces, asking for pencils to learn how to read and write. I saw how they behaved, their joy, happiness, sorrow and pain. Everything I learnt from these people deliberately forgotten by our world became a source of inspiration and purpose in life”. Thus, through just one mans’ inner need for a better world, the fairy tale of Euphoria Art Land came to life in beautiful Limassol, a unique space for art, culture and well-being, where visitors can stay for short or even a long time. The public embraced Anthos’ venture with warmth and a tinge of surprise. The optimal harmonization between the organic buildings, the environment and plants that bloomed in Cyprus for the first time, took people on a dream journey of unprecedented experiences: “In Euphoria Art Land visitors have the opportunity to blend in with nature’s color palette, become part of a work of art, even live inside a sculpted architectural building experiencing unprecedented feelings. He will be allowed to observe, touch, take photos and learn about the unique architecture of this space.

This is an amalgamation of civilizations and cultural backgrounds, all unique and symbolic, because I wanted to convey the message that nothing really divides us, even if we don’t share the same religion, political beliefs, skin color or origin. This is why here, no form of racism is tolerated, and there is only respect for diversity”. Visitors are welcome to stay overnight in one of the three Euphoria Art Land houses: “The Earth House”, with Ethiopian elements, inspired by the Paleolithic Era, “Τhe Color House” with Colombian and Mexican references or “Τhe Blue House”, which is reminiscent of India and Morocco. During their stay they will be able to experience positive vibes while listening to the sounds of nature and they may also indulge themselves with various massage as well as other well-being treatments in Euphoria Body & Soul, a space surrounded by artificial lakes with water lilies, lotuses, bamboo and other exotic plants. In addition they may also wine and dine in Euphoria Lounge, within an effervescent green backdrop accompanied by relaxing ambient music. All of Euphoria spaces are designed to provide visitors with all the comforts that one might need in order to relax and escape, even momentarily, from the hustle and bustle of everyday reality.

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