Dimos Natar - Andreas Georgiou, Creativity x2

The designer duo behind the brand NatarGeorgiou breaks the rules of fashion and features in the Italian “Vogue”...

Text: Romina Xyda
Photography: Panagiotis Mina


The collaboration between Dimos Natar and Andreas Georgiou began a few years ago with the creation of a joint studio. Dimos uses knitwear with moulage techniques, while Andreas uses lighter fabrics made with patterns and shapes: “In 2012, we decided to work with each other’s materials and create our joint collection, the Spring-Summer 2012 one, which also granted us the Paris Fashion Week ticket”, said NatarGeorgiou, referring to the start of a partnership that established them as one of the most popular fashion brands.

Their clothes, even though they are characterized by intense contrasts of fabrics and patchwork, in a magical way they compose a harmonious result, while the simplicity of their lines “marks” their timelessness: “As far as we’re concerned, the standard, something that has no contradictions, is boring, not only for fashion purposes but also in our everyday life. Contrasts are necessary, and this is something apparent in all of our collections” they utter in unison. What do they think, however, is the one thing that helped them stand out and become a regular feature in large fashion magazines worldwide? “The simple fact that our creations have an identity. It is quite easy to make nice clothes, but if you do not have your own personal identity, you will not stand out. No one will recognize you, nor will they remember you after a while”.

NatarGeorgiou’s muse is none other than the dynamic, self-confident woman who knows how to claim what she wants. As for the milestones in their career, the famous designers choose the following two: “With our second collection, the Italian ’Vogue’ included us amongst the vogue talents of the year, making a special feature and photographing our clothes for the fashion-editorial of the magazine. Second one would be when the Italian ‘Vogue’ in collaboration with Yoox and Net-A-Porter included us in their ten favorite designers worldwide, giving us the opportunity to present our collection at the palazzo Morando in Milan during the Fashion Week”.

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