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Vacationing in Cyprus is not just about sunbathing and playing in the sand. There are countless activities to spend your time and cultivate the imagination of your children with the most exciting experiences!

Text: Marianna Karavali


Children love animals and the discovery of the animal kingdom is always a new and exciting experience for them. One day in theme parks with animals is bound to be a day that they will always remember!

Pafos Zoo is an excellent choice (, it is the largest zoo on the island, hosting the biggest variety of birds and animals – giraffes, monkeys, even kangaroos and lions, tigers, elephants as well as eagles, flamingos, parrots along with crocodiles and turtles etc. The Camel Park in Mazotos (, which has received raving reviews by locals as well as tourists, is a complete amusement park, since it hosts an array of interactive experiences with camels (rides, feeding, safaris etc.) but also has a swimming pool, green areas, a zoo, a children’s playground, a museum and other spaces where a family can enjoy a whole day. The most lovable animals in Cyprus, the donkeys, could not but have their own park, and the Golden Donkeys Farm in Skarinou ( is probably the best reason to get to know them up close. More than a hundred donkeys are waiting for you to take them for a ride, feed them, and even... milk them so you can try the famous donkey milk. At Krokas Ranch in Lythrodontas ( you will get in touch not only with nature but also with gorgeous horses, specially trained for beginner riders, while in addition to free riding, you can also try your luck in racing archery, just like ancient warriors. The Ocean Aquarium in Protaras ( will thrill those who love the deep sea and everything that lives in it! Over 1,000 species of marine life – sharks, piranha, rays, turtles, crocodiles, penguins, as well as parrots, monkeys, raccoons and other birds and mammals are waiting for you through a dreamy safari-like walk. A stroll at the Limassol Zoo ( is suggested as a must from all travel guides, since you will get the chance to see almost all the species of Cypriot fauna, as well as their exotic “relatives” from all the 5 continents. Do not miss the Museum of Natural History, which is situated inside the garden, housing dozens of stuffed animals and birds. Children love animals and the discovery of the animal kingdom is always a new and exciting experience for them. One day in theme parks with animals is bound to be a day that they will always remember!



Being on holiday could mean either relaxing or engaging in adrenaline packed activities and adventures. If you want to experience it, mark the word “waterpark” at the top of the list and next to it add WaterWorld Waterpark in Ayia Napa (, the largest waterpark in Europe and 6th best according to TripAdvisor. It’s truly unique in its kind, since all of its attractions are inspired by ancient Greece – you’ll have the opportunity to make the fall (in water of course) of Icarus, you will try the labors of Hercules in water, you will “dive” into a Trojan adventure, you will get lost in the pool of Minotaur and relax in Neptune’s pool! For an adrenaline explosion under the stars, you’ll have to visit the Parko Paliatso in Ayia Napa (, a huge amusement park with impressive and safe attractions, ranging from roller coasters and train rides, as well as carousels and bumper cars, a 45 meter high Ferris-wheel (with its amazing night view), the highest sling shot in Europe, 5D cinema, a huge indoor playground, and more. Sparti Rope Park in Platres ( features 60 innovative toys made of wood and ropes for “aerial” challenges that require mind, power, skills and balance, whereas the Adventure Mountain Park in Kyperounta ( offers outdoor activities such as climbing, archery, paintball, hiking, laser tag and much more fun activities for the whole family. For those looking for... space adventure, the Planetarium & the Astronomical Observatory in Kiti ( offers telescope activities, theme presentations for planets, outer space, the prehistoric era and dinosaurs, an unsurpassed fossil exhibition, plus you can watch some planetary or astral phenomena for free!


Want a break from the beach and the sand buckets, without depriving yourself of the sea? In Cyprus, there is a way! You can spend your morning on a small boat for a fun sea ride along the coast, with regular stops for swimming and snorkelling in various bays with friendly and blue waters and –who knows– maybe on the way you’ll get meet dolphins or turtles! You will enjoy all this aboard the “Dolphin Boat Safari” from the port of Ayia Napa ( On the deck of the “Black Pearl Pirate Boat” ( you will not encounter real pirates, but you will have the most realistic pirate experience! The three-level wooden pirate boat offers the ultimate naval adventure along the natural sea caves, while on the 4-hour cruise you will enjoy cannon shows, play a treasure hunt, stop for dives and enjoy delicious food.



During the summer, the nature of Cyprus is the ideal refuge for some cooling down! If you want some of it, just visit the CyHerbia Botanical Park in Avgorou ( It is a huge park with 9 botanical gardens, a 2,000-square-meter botanical labyrinth, a lavender ridden meditation path, an essential oil distillery, and a cypress forest that surrounds Cyprus. You will learn everything about herbs, you will inhale wonderful smells, you will indulge in tea drinking with flavors that you have never tasted before and as you make your way around Cyprus, you will pass from the fairy village and the witch’s house, as if you are in fairytale! You will also find beautiful smells and flavors in the Oleastro Olive Park in Anogyra (, where, within an evergreen environment, you will learn everything about olives and the olive oil, you will play in the playground and with the animals in the park, you will visit the museum with the old mill and you will try organic products from olives and oil.


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