The Extract of a Sweet Story Lefteris Mohianakis & Kristina Apostolou

A man, a woman, countless hours of brainstorming, attention to detail and commitment to high standards came together in the Cypriot terroir, “spawning” the excellent “Anama” Commandaria.

An oenology student, Lefteris Mohianakis, tastes Commandaria for the first time in his life. He calls it a “rough diamond”. A few years later, along with the woman of his life, Kristina Apostolou, they provide this diamond with the shine that it deserves: “In essence, ‘Anama Concept’ fits perfectly with what Kristina and I can do best, utilizing our capabilities. At the time, when I was working as a consultant oenologist, I had already come up with a very polished experimental Commandaria in limited production, which I was planning to release on the market as my ‘CV’, that took its final form after Kristina’s influence (a well-known jewelry designer at the time) in packaging design & branding”.

In December 2009, the first edition of “Anama Vintage 2007” was launched only to be followed by several more that received awards in international wine competitions, as well as for branding/design, features in global publications and distinctions in Cyprus, peaking with the “Gastronomos” magazine award received by “Anama Vintage 2017” as the best product of the island for 2017. “Between all the distinctions we have received to date, I distinguish those that have yet to come. I mature as a winemaker crop by crop, something I “taste” from the barrels stored in my cellar, the ‘Anama’ crops to be released in the following years. Kristina and I are constantly in search of new thrills”.

As to how the name “Anama” came about? “Apart from the insinuated ‘ignition’ of senses, the name derives from the ancient Greek name of Commandaria (Cyprion Nama), with which it has written gastronomic history for 5,500 years, being the oldest recorded type of wine of human civilization. I can’t remember if the name ‘Anama’ was my idea or Kristina’s, but it was certainly the first thing we did together and the most beloved along with our twin children, Irida and Odysseus...”.


The most intoxicating place in Cyprus...

“Is found in our winery’s cellar, where you can find rare ‘Anama’ crops that have been
aging for decades”.

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