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Cypriot cuisine at its finest– setting food culture and the best of local products on LarnaΚa’s tables.

Paliomouxtaros, Ayios Theodoros

 The kitchen in Mr. Menelaou’s restaurant specializes in elaborate takes on traditional delicacies. In a courtyard filled with greenery, diners are indulged in flavours of fragrant village bread, wine sausage, and lamb’s liver. Make sure to sample his famous ‘samali’; as the Cypriots say, it is “kalon prama” (a good thing)!   TEL. +357 24323323

I Kali Eftixia, Ayios Theodoros

 This popular tavern that resides in the village centre is characterized by strong, traditional elements of Cypriot architecture. Owners Mr. and Mrs. Alekos and Rodoula, respectively, exercise their culinary talents within an exquisite stone house featuring arches and an inner courtyard. Meticulous attention to detail is evident in their traditional dishes. Of special note are ‘pittes me meli’, some of the island’s most delicious fried pastry doused in local honey– a popular dish in the mountains of Larnaka. TEL. +357 24322690

To Vasano, Ayios Theodoros

 Exquisite seasonal meze is enjoyed in this beautiful establishment situated near the village’s community park. A passion for delicious cuisine is evident in the tavern’s dishes, a drive for excellence handed down through three generations of familial ownership. Be sure to try the unforgettable pork in wine sauce, and the famous ‘seftalies’ (lamb and pork sausage) with well-beaten tahini. TEL. +357 24323022

Vavatsinia – Takis, Vavatsinia

 Going on several years, Takis has been serving up fine cuisine alongside healthy portions of grilled bread doused in olive oil and oregano. Of particular note are the variety of meats on offer, especially the well-cooked ribs, and the grilled halloumi is excellent. Be sure to try the ‘bourekia anaris’ (pastries with fresh anari cheese), and enjoy a glass of Zivania served on a Cyprus-shaped tray. TEL. +357 24342780

Avlotopi, Agglisides

 A relative newcomer to the city suburbs, Avlotopi has a lot going for it– great food, a lovely courtyard, and if you’re lucky, live music! The menu offers meat grilled to perfection, as well as vegetarian dishes. The ‘kolokythokeftedes’ (zucchini balls) and exquisite ‘satzi pie’ (Cypriot pastry) steal the show. TEL. +357 24433100

Charoula, Athienou

 Mr. and Mrs. Costas and Charoula, respectively, are experts in roasting the local ‘athienitiko ofto’ (lamb cooked inside clay pots in a wood-burning oven), and their customers know it well. Here you will try wonderful casserole dishes made from local ingredients paired with wines from Cypriot vineyards. TEL. +357 24522481

Zenon, Larnaka

 The warm combination of stone and wood sets the mood for the rustic, traditional fare served here– chicken liver cooked in Commandaria, rabbit in lemon sauce, and halloumi cooked in ‘noros’ (a natural byproduct from the process of making halloumi). Reservations are recommended for dining outdoors in the spacious yard surrounded by fragrant lemon trees. TEL. +357 70002450

Vlachos, Pyla

 The Cypriot cuisine at the Vlachos family restaurant is, in a word, pure– emphasizing good meze, fine grilled fare and fish. Their specialties include shrimp marinated in fresh herbs, and ‘karaoli’ (snails). Mrs. Maria’s almond filled baklava is to die for!  TEL. +357 24644244

To Patrikon, Tersefanou

 The culinary talents of Kyriakos Fokou unfold in this restored mansion in Tersefanou village square. For mandatory sampling– ‘trahana’ meatballs (seasoned minced meat mixed with cheese and couscous-like pasta) in tomato jam, squid with caramelized ‘pastirma’ (highly seasoned, air-cured beef) in ‘louvana’ (split pea soup) with lavender, and ‘poules’ (cooked roots) with garlic and ‘formosa’ (Japanese plumb) dip. For dessert, request the cream with rose extract and clementine sauce; take our word for it! TEL. +357 24424831

Dairy Products Eleni Mimi, Skarinou

 This small, family-run creamery is where Mrs. Evridiki produces her dairy products for the local market. Visitors are welcome to sample and/or purchase quantities of halloumi, ‘trahanas’, yogurt, and ‘anari’ made exclusively from fresh, unadulterated sheep’s milk. TEL. +357 24322014

Ermi Traditional Sweets, Ayioi Vavatsinias

 Combining pure ingredients with traditional recipes, Mrs. Ermi prepares desserts in small batches from her little shop. Delicacies include spoon sweets– ‘karydaki’ (walnut), watermelon, fig, tomato, carrot and cucumber, as well as traditional ‘palouzes’ (pudding made with fresh grape juice), ‘soutzoukos’ a chewy sweet made with grape juice), ‘kefteri’ (a dessert similar to the aforementioned), and excellent ‘sykopites’ (fig pies). Don’t forget her delicious jams! TEL. +357 24352202

To Madratzi tis Giagias, Kato Drys

 ‘Madratzi’ (Cypriot for rolling pin) is a fitting name for this traditional bakery specialising in fresh, handmade delicacies incorporating the purest local ingredients. Try the wonderful ‘koulouria’ (hoop-shaped bread), ‘amygdalota’ (a type of almond cookie), and ‘tremithopites’ (terebinth berry pies). TEL. +357 97807307

Tsimpi – Tsimpi, Skarinou

 Tsimpi – Tsimpi, a traditional arts and crafts store residing in an old, restored building in the heart of Skarinou, exhibits one of the largest ‘Lefkaritiko’, handmade embroideries (8,4x1,8 metre– a Guiness Book world record). There are a selection of products for sale made by members of the Women’s Association of Rural Larnaka, as well as other quaint nick-nacks. TEL. +357 99723640

Ktima Erotokritos, Choirokoitia

 A two decade love affair for olive trees and their naturally derived products has given new life to this contemporary olive mill, and to Terra Olivae, the award winning olive oil. Visitors can sample a variety of products, including the aforementioned, and interact with the highly-knowledgeable staff to learn more about one of the oldest, most important trees on Cyprus. ​TEL. +357 70003390

* We would like to thank Mrs. Anna Kosma, President of the Women’s Association of Rural Larnaka, for her valuable assistance.

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