AID4ALL: Empowering Deaf Athletes

Five students at the University of Cyprus with a common vision– AID4ALL, a startup focused on supporting individuals with disabilities through entrepreneurship and innovation.

Marinos Ηadjistavri, Christos Pitsillos, Constantinos Sarris, Anastasios Chrysostomou, Giorgos Mishis– winners of the Pan-European Competition of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Junior Achievement for their startup, Aid4All. “The idea was born while enrolled in the course, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, of Business and Public Administration Department at the University of Cyprus. We were tasked with creating an innovative product service. As a team, we wanted to help people with disabilities and decided to focus on the deaf and hearing-impaired community and the challenges they face– specifically, how athletes engage in various sports and the opportunities available to them within those fields. This was a natural choice, seeing that some of our members are closely related to a professional deaf athlete and that we are all trained in sign language. Our initial concept was to create a system of communication for these athletes by utilising the sense of touch. As a result, individuals from this community are emboldened to seek opportunities to compete at the amateur and professional levels. The project started a year ago. At this stage, we’ve already created a prototype that has been tested in the field. We are now in the process of adding more features through optimisation and experimental studies.”

Aid4All have expanded their scope and wish to adapt the system for daily use in multiple environments. As far as their next common goal, “Our primary concern is the expansion of our business model coupled to our ultimate goal of marketing a professional product. Our plans include the establishment of a new startup that will expand our focus to include so many of our fellow human beings and the various challenges they face in daily life.”

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