Ivi Kyratzi: She Shines  Golden


Text: Romina Xyda

Her jewellery has graced the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week. Italian Vogue and Vanity Fair have labelled her a talent, and she continues to exceed expectations. For Ivi Kyratzi, all that glitters is gold.   Her entire life has revolved around the world of fashion. Even before the age of five, Ivi knew her destiny was in design. “As a child, I had great dreams and the feeling that my purpose in life was bigger than myself.

Though exciting, a career in international fashion is anything but easy. It takes patience and perseverance. As an artist, I don’t exactly know what sets me apart, only that my heart is my source. A special chapter in my career was collaborating with Agnona, the Italian fashion house. I had the opportunity to design their first jewellery collection working alongside renowned designer Simon Holloway, who demonstrated great faith and gave me freedom. 

I’m very proud of the subsequent collections we created and presented at Milan Fashion Week.” From there, Ivi’s career soared by leaps and bounds. Not from innate talent alone, but from her appeal as someone who dares to be different. “Talent is essential, for sure. It gives you the self-confidence to put yourself out there, but that is not enough. The difference is in the uncountable hours that you invest in your craft. The jewellery industry has drastically changed since I established my brand, IVI. I began with a vision to create modern jewellery that would blur the line between fine and fashion to the point of nonexistence. 

Today, designers combine materials that, at one time, no one would have dared to use. I like that approach. It inspires me to continue in that vein.” Commenting on her current work and future dreams, Ivi states, “We grow by the day. I opened a small, inviting store in Nicosia because I felt the need to give back to Cyprus for all her support over the years. I dream of doing the same in the US, something I believe could be possible. If I had to apply a title to my life thus far – Why Not!”

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