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The stroll from lush Pindarou to elegant Stasikratous has many stops for hearty brunches, unforgettable dinners, premium drinks, colourful cocktails and plenty of dancing. We mapped the best.

Text: Ioanna Christodoulou

Photos: Panayiotis Mina

Incessant crowds of people coming and going: here, outside the walls of the historic city, beats the heart of Nicosia.

At the forefront of the revamped street of Pindarou, you’ll discover charming Beba at number 2. This beloved restaurant captured our hearts from day one, offering exceptional service, a retro vibe and delightful Cypriot and Mediterranean cuisine. Charcoal and wood-fired ovens take the spotlight, with some of us passionately indulging in the marinated tenderloin and the unforgettable walnut pie with patisserie cream. Thomas, one of the owners, will undoubtedly check in at your table to ensure you’ve relished your meal.

Heading down to number 14, elegant Bottega Amaro reigns supreme: a true gem in the neighbourhood. Its stylish ambience, discerning clientele and cocktails that tantalise the senses have made it a local sensation. The pairing of Ιnsalata Ortolana and fettuccine with aged parmesan epitomises the pinnacle of culinary delight. It’s a must-visit spot, especially for Mediterranean cuisine enthusiasts.

A bit further down and to the left, the meticulously crafted A Kxoffee Project at 29D Pindarou captures attention. On-site, freshly-roasted speciality coffee is served in the city’s most minimalist and captivating setting. Experience an unparalleled cold brew paired with enticing treats displayed at the window. Ideal for reading and work, don’t forget to grab a bottle of cold drip to enjoy at home before you leave.

Cornering Stasandrou and Iras, Lola bar beckons: a cosy spot where devoted patrons savour vibrant, sophisticated cocktails amidst a lively urban ambience. Our favourite, the delightful Buena Vista, is a perfect blend of sweet and sour, always complemented by Mika’s curated cheese and charcuterie platters.

For more post-event excitement, head to Stasandrou, number 7. Indulge in industrial aesthetics, great music and dancing at Old Souls. This beloved bar is renowned for its successful street parties and guest DJs, setting the perfect mood. For more seasoned guests, it’s an ideal spot to savour the scenery and observe the bartenders craft our favourite cocktails in cinematic fashion.

A bit further down on Stasandrou, take a turn at Grigoriou Xenopoulou, where a must-stop awaits: Istorja. This newly opened shop quickly won the hearts of locals with its vibrant interior and creative menu. Istorja promises to make a positive mark on the area, offering a generously lit space, excellent service, and a tempting dessert display. We can’t resist the figs and ganache monte tart. While you’re there, don’t forget to explore the curated items in their store.

At the end of Stasandrou, near the impressive 360 building, you’ll find Mix & Malt, the newcomer in the area at 19 Aphrodite Street. This space exudes a minimalist philosophy and premium vibes. Quickly becoming a hotspot for enthusiasts, Mix & Malt boasts a meticulously curated wine list and an array of premium spirits, making it a must-visit destination for discerning patrons.

Across the street, right in front of the charming square, lies Constantinides, a bakery and café that has become a favourite among those who appreciate quality pastries. Whether you’re sharing with friends or spoiling yourself, the temptation of their delectable sweets is irresistible. You’ll likely find it hard to resist taking home one of their freshly baked, fluffy loaves of bread.

On reaching the revitalised Arch. Makarios III Avenue, you will find Henry’s on the left at number 30. With its elegant ambience and brasserie-style menu, it quickly gained fame for its delectable brunch and dinner options. Don’t miss their signature dish of charcoal pancakes topped with a velvety white chocolate sauce. You won’t forget the experience.

Heading down to number 29, Bean Bar brings back the lively vibe reminiscent of the area’s golden days. Nestled on the ground floor of Nicosia’s 360 building, Bean Bar delights with its inviting decor and lounge ambience. From morning to night, it adapts to visitors’ needs, making it a spot that’s here to stay.

Further down on the beautiful Arnaldas Street, discover the exquisite Artnaldas concept store, a sophisticated oasis inspired by its scenic surroundings. This unique space houses a cosy café and boutique featuring a curated selection of objects, artworks, and books perfect for thoughtful gifts or enhancing your home’s decor. Immerse yourself in the intimate ambience. Michael will craft you a lovely coffee. The iced flat white is worth a taste, as are the excellent snacks, with our favourite being the zena with ciabatta bread, homemade pesto, prosciutto and mozzarella. The expertly curated music heightens the experience, complementing your visit to this exceptional spot.

Returning to Arch. Makarios III Avenue, follow the Theofanous Theodotou passage to Zenas Kanther, where the aromatic Crosta Nostra at number 16 takes the spotlight. With an authentic Italian trattoria atmosphere and delectable Sicilian-inspired pizzas, locals and visitors cherish this spot. The tiramisù needs no introduction: you will taste perfection from the first bite.

The walk in the area concludes on the vibrant Stasikratous Street, where you must pass by the newly revitalised number 26, home to the esteemed Artigiano. This elegant establishment has undeniably made its mark for all the right reasons, from its renowned brunches to its outstanding wine selection. It has become a standout venue on this bustling street, with pasta enthusiasts praising its delectable dishes, each worth savouring.

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