Grab your boots, jackets, gloves, and anti-slip chains for your car, and you’re all set for a unique winter adventure in Troodos. The region dons a white cloak, transforming its scenery and ambience!

Text: Andreas Katsis

Photos: Silvio Augusto Rusmigo

The Troodos mountain range stands as a true sanctuary. Its highest peak, Olympus (Chionistra), towers at 1,952 metres. This region teems with biodiversity and is home to Cyprus’ crucial plant and animal species. Additionally, the island’s largest rivers originate here, adding to the area’s natural significance.

During the summertime, the expansive Troodos area is a favourite retreat for locals and visitors, offering refreshing respites. However, come winter, particularly from late December to early March, it transforms into a snowy haven, becoming a delightful playground for people of all ages.

Easily accessible from major cities, Troodos and its nearby villages stand out as Cyprus’ premier winter getaways. Perfect for day trips or brief vacations, the area attracts enthusiasts looking for ski adventures, snowboarding thrills, or even a leisurely ride on the lift at Sun Valley.


A top choice for sports and recreation in Cyprus, the Troodos ski resort features four pistes catering to various skill levels. Two of these slopes are nestled in the Sun Valley. A bit higher up, the steeper Jubilee and Hera slopes offer more challenging terrain, making them ideal for more experienced winter sports enthusiasts. The  centre provides ski lessons suitable for all ages, even for children as young as five. You can conveniently rent ski or snowboard gear at the starting points. Remember to bring waterproof and isothermal clothing, extra socks and sunscreen for a comfortable experience. If skiing isn’t your preference, indulge in a warm coffee at the Ski Centre Restaurant (Sun Valley), all while soaking in the breathtaking scenery.


Another sought-after choice is Troodos Square, the heart of the region. Throughout the winter season, it buzzes with visitors unless temporarily closed due to heavy snowfall. New accommodations and restaurants have emerged here in recent years, reflecting its popularity. Take a leisurely walk, enjoy the snow in the central playground, shop for local products, and unwind at 1725, the area’s unique wine bar. Cosy up next to the fireplace with a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or wine and immerse yourself in unparalleled and unobstructed views. Alternatively, consider the Troodos Hotel, boasting a restaurant and wellness spa with captivating views of snow-covered slopes, or opt for the Jubilee Hotel, renowned for its delectable grilled trout, offering a delightful culinary experience.


Equally beloved are the villages at the base of Troodos, blanketed in white, revealing stunning vistas. Among them, snow-capped Platres stands out as a popular destination after Troodos, offering arrays of dining, coffee and dessert options. Villages like Askas, Prodromos, Kyperounda, Kalopanayiotis and Pedoulas, renowned for their unmatched natural beauty, also boast intriguing culinary delights and accommodations waiting to be explored.

From the Amiantos (Asbestos) Mine viewpoint, savour the sweeping panorama of Morphou Bay, framed by snow-draped mountains. It is situated along the road connecting Troodos Square to Prodromos, near the Chionistra junction. Heading toward Prodromos village at 1,600 metres, don’t miss the famous symmetrical reservoir, a winter landmark. The freezing temperatures create an eerily beautiful landscape. Though it may appear suitable for ice skating, local authorities caution against it due to the thin ice covering the artificial lake, which can break easily.

A few kilometres away in Pedoulas village, the Aristotelio Boutique Hotel beckons you into its restaurant, radiating a cosy ambience rich in traditional Cypriot charm. The menu showcases delectable dishes rooted in Cypriot gastronomy, featuring homemade flavours crafted from local ingredients sourced from nearby artisanal producers and orchards. A grand fireplace infuses the space with a distinctive warmth.

Kalopanayiotis village draws visitors, primarily due to the renowned Casale Panayiotis Spa Hotel and the welcoming traditional taverna, Palio Cinema (old cinema), a favourite spot for people from all over the island during winter weekends. While here, don’t miss the Monastery of Ayios Ioannis Lampadistis, nestled in the Marathasa valley, just across from the village. A splendid architectural marvel, the monastery was honoured with a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985. Just 100 metres south of this, the picturesque Venetian bridge spans the banks of the river Setrachos, connecting to the rejuvenating thermal springs of Stomachikos. Although winter in Cyprus may be fleeting, the enduring and varied images it paints are both abundant and unforgettable.

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